Dubai Flower Center Free Zone (DFC)

Being located in the strategic area of the Dubai International Airport, Dubai Flower Center FTZ has become the new center of development for businesses engaged in floriculture in the XXI century. The rapid growth in the world trade in flowers and other perishable goods has required satisfaction of the growing demand for innovative logistics and commercial solutions that would reduce transit time and improve quality of supply along with increase in profit.

Dubai Flower Center FTZ was developed to satisfy such needs and provide necessary help to the investors domiciled in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Flower Center offers to resolve such tasks by providing the following solutions:

  • enhancement of business opportunities and involvement of the major world outlets
  • quick cargo consolidation and supply
  • engagement of the best chains of supply
  • provision with the resources and opportunities allowing efficiently and profitably apply the value added
  • provision of the necessary services and support to ensure advantageous commercial bargains

If you want to register your company and set up your business in flower sale in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai Flower Center FTZ is the right choice for you.

The more detailed information about the services provided by Dubai Flower Center FTZ you can get from the representatives of our company, who are always ready to help you and give advice on realizing your business project in this zone.

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