Dubai Knowledge Village Free Zone (DKV)

Dubai Knowledge Village FTZ started to operate in 2003 and has become the place of concentration of the leading educational institutions in the Middle East. This beautiful and picturesque city creates the favorable conditions for development of various educational centers and institutions.

This zone represents the center contributing to realizing the long-term Nationals Development Strategy and speeding up economic development in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in whole.

Key advantages for investors and sponsors:

  • 100% share held by the foreign founders
  • 100% exemption from taxes
  • 100% repatriation of the assets and profits
  • simplified visa procedure

Moreover, Dubai Knowledge Village FTZ provides its customers and students with the conditions that meet the highest standards, including quiet landscape, sports fields and gyms. Many companies and organizations from Australia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, Belgium, Great Britain, USA, Ireland and other countries have already operated in this zone.

More than 350 partners represented by the training centers, professional development centers and recruitment companies cooperate with Dubai

Knowledge Village FTZ. DKV is the only free trade zone that entirely specializes in professional development and training.

Dubai Knowledge Village FTZ is comprised in Dubai Technology and Media (TECOM) that is the larger one and represents the core of educational services in Dubai.

Dubai Knowledge Village FTZ contributes to development of postgraduate education focused on e-learning. The purpose of this zone is to provide the students and corporate communities with the adequate infrastructure for development, transfer and acquisition of knowledge in the various areas.

Licenses and activities:

Dubai Knowledge Village FTZ provides issuing licenses for the following major activities:

1. Licenses to free-lancers: 

Teacher is an individual providing any services on training and professional development to the persons specializing in IT, public relations, business and management, audit, logistic, languages and other areas. 

Tutor is an individual providing the additional training in the curriculum given in secondary and higher educational institutions.

E-learning consultant is a person providing consulting services in distance education. 

Scientific associate is a person performing research in the various areas.

Person engaged in the general educational support and providing the various services to ensure proper functioning of the educational system elements such as entrance exams, tuition, curriculum development, general assistance etc.

2. Licenses to limited liability companies:

Vocational training center is a company providing professional training courses with issuing certificates.

E-learning educational institution is a company providing special technologies for distance education and related student support.

Research center is a company specializing in any research and development.

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