Freezone Dubai Media City (DMC)

Strategically located in Dubai, UAE, at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, Dubai Media City (DMC) has rapidly emerged into a global media centre. DMC provides an advanced infrastructure and supportive environment for media-related business projects to operate globally out of Dubai.

DMC is a place where every kind of media business can operate with collective synergy, including media and marketing services, printing and publishing, music, film, new media, leisure and entertainment, broadcasting and information agencies.

ٍSince its inception, Dubai Media City has grown impressively. The list of DMC-based companies today reads like a who's who of the global media industry. The community includes global media giants such as Reuters, CNN, CNBC, MBC, Sony, Showtime and Bertelsmann.

Freezone Dubai Media City has also set up Media Business Centres to promote talent and entrepreneurship in the region. These unique facilities are targeted at freelancers and independent media professionals. Freelancers find the centers an ideal base for gaining visibility and building relationships with the media industry.

In June 2001 Dubai Media City launched the Ibda'a Media Student Awards, an annual event to recognize and foster young media talent in the region. The Ibda'a Awards cover a range of media-related categories.

Types of activities and licensing

  • Publishing:  Magazines, Educational & Professional Books, Consumer Books & Magazine, Promotional Content, e-Books, Directories & Guides
  • Broadcasting:    TV & Radio Broadcasting
  • Broadcasting Management:   TV & Radio
  • Filmed Entertainment / Production & Post Production:    Film Production & Distribution, Media Content Management & Provider, Film Content Rights Management, Production, Post Production and Animation
  • Media & Marketing Services :   Direct Marketing, Promotional Services, Advertising / Communication & Public Relations Agency, Intellectual Property Rights Management, Media Placement, Buying & Selling, Media Representation
  • Business & Information Services:  News Agency, Media Research & Information Services
  • Music & Entertainment:   Music Production & Recordings, Music Distribution, Music Publishing, labels and rights, promotion and management, event management, management of theme parks, management of sports events.
  • New media and media-support services - web development and management of websites, interactive services, software development for the media and its implementation, multimedia software development, digital media management.
  • Various services - restaurants, stationery, medical clinics, beauty salons, bookstores, banking, interior and decoration, music and video, travel agencies, laundry, insurance companies.
  • Consulting - IT consulting, lawyer consulting, financial consultations, advice on labor resources, marketing, management, project management, movie marketing, consulting on Media City.

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